Budgeting for Prisoners

One of the hardest thing for anybody to do is budget. This isn’t just a problem with prisoners, but society in general. We have in our mindset about buying things when we want them and not when we can afford them. Financial guru, Dave Ramsey, has put together his “baby steps” to show everyday Americans (and foreigners) how to get out of debt, be prepared for a crisis and invest in your future.

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Steak and Shrimp and LOTS and LOTS of Lies

There have been talks since December 21st of last year regarding the government shutdown. Is it the fault of the President and his wall or Nancy and Chuck’s position on not giving anything to get something? Either way, no matter whose at fault, the shutdown is affecting over 800,000 federal employees. What it doesn’t take into account is the millions of others it is affecting as well.

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