Preparing Your Release Preparation Folder Part 3

In our final post in regards to preparing your release preparation folder, the largest portion of your folder will be your medical records. Granted, you may not need to know every little thing in your file, but it’s good to have it all just in case. One thing I do is every year, I send a cop-out to the medical records department at my prison and ask for my records from the previous year. I keep track of all the dates, so I’ll know when one ends and the other begins. The reason for this is you can get up to 200 pages at no cost. After that, there are additional fees and most people will have more than 200 pages.

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Putting Together Your Release Preparation Folder

For every person that is being released back into the community, the B.O.P. likes for these individuals to have a release prep folder that they can take with them wherever they go. That way, no matter what situation you encounter, you will be ready. The major reason for this is for employment purposes. However, it can be used to obtain your driver’s license, apply for government benefits and more.

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Stop Pretending and Start Attending

One of the requirement of the Bureau of Prisons is to offer a mock job fair. This allows inmates nearing the end of their sentence to gain important skills in resume preparation, filling out a job application, searching for careers and the ever-scary interview process. While on paper, this sounds great, the majority of the mock job fairs I have attended over the years consist of education staff members “pretending” to be employers.

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SMART Symposium Proves What We Already Knew

First off, I want to appologize for missing Friday’s post. I know I told everyone that I would be going to twice a week, but I was so busy with other things, it just slipped my mind. Here is this week’s post.

On July 17, SMART held a national symposium in Chicago on sex offender management and accountability. For those who don’t know, SMART is an acronym for the Office of Sex Offender Monitoring, Apprehension, Registration, and Tracking, a federal unit that was created by the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act that helps “enhance” public safety. During the event, members from various groups, collectively known as “The Alliance” and included Women Against Registry, Once Fallen, SOSEN, CURE-SORT, FAC, ACSOL and others wore t-shirts emblazoned on the back with “The Registry Does Not Protect Children.” Needless to say, they received quite a bit of attention during the event.

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Thanks for the PATTERN with WAR

Hey Guys,
A weird title, but I combined three different messages, so I thought it was a bit catchy. You’ll see what I mean as you read on. A lot of you have asked about why I stopped writing twice a week. The main reason was because of not having email access for a while. Since I got it back, I’ve been slacking. So beginning next week, I will be returning to two posts per week. One on Tuesday and one on Friday. Also, I want to thank Freebird Publishers for posting our blog in their 2019-2020 edition of the “Inmate Shopper”. If you appreciate everything we do, please add the email to your Corrlinks account and send her a review for Back So Soon! Granted, it won’t be until next July before it’s published, but let’s get as many good reviews to get us to a 10 rating! Without all of your help, none of this would have been possible.

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My (Uphill) Reentry Battle

As most of you know, this Friday is the (supposed) deadline for all the good time modifications to be complete. Due to this, my release date will change from November 2020 to approximately August 2020. Based on that, I will be about 13 months to the door and be ready to be submitted for RRC (halfway house) placement. While this was brought up at my last unit team meeting in February, I had to fight just to get them to submit me for anything at all. Why? I have family support and there is no halfway house near me. Makes a ton of sense huh?

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The Dark Figure of Sexual Recidivism

With endless research now disproving the long held myth of high sex offender recidivism and even Attorneys General calling for the registry’s abolishment, a new study seeks to fan the dying flames of this once white hot hysteria. The paper makes the claim that all previous studies of sex offenders are flawed because they underreport the actual recidivism, as they only deal with those rearrested, and most reoffenders are never rearrested.

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