The Internet: To Help or Terrorize?

Before I get into today’s post, I want to remind everybody that if your release date from the BOP is between now and July, we need as many people as possible to file a motion with the court in order to try and get our good time. A few people have already done this and are awaiting rulings. If you are somebody that meets this criteria (release between now and July), again, you can have someone download a sample motion that you can submit to the court in the jurisdiction in which you are presently being held and file it against the warden of your institution. You can download the motion in Microsoft Word by going to this address:

Nearly every sex offender, at least those with internet crimes, probably have a condition either limiting or flat out banning their use of the Internet. So how exactly will this be affected by technological changes? I was sentenced in 2010. Granted, the internet had been around for nearly two decades at least, but still was in its infancy stages when it came to what it was capable of.

Now, the internet, or more specifically, what is called the “Internet of Things” has evolved so much that it is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity in everyday life. According to several articles I have read there are so many things “capable” of accessing the internet. These range from electrical meters to washers and dryers, as well as refrigerators and toilets. Everything is connected now in a way we can see who who is ringing our doorbell while we are at work. Or perhaps forgetting to close the garage door and taking care of it…from another country.

New research is looking into several aspects of the internet and how it’s evolution may be more harmful than it is helpful. Some of this research, specifically regarding internet sex crimes involves such areas as:

  1. That there is a total lack of preventive measures that are being utilized on the Internet (other than on central server sites).
  2. All criminal fault being placed on the “end” user.
  3. Government’s collusion in the ongoing exploitation of minors by using the Internet as an entrapment tool.
  4. Streaming services and web services that are legally immune from prosecution even though these services drive the continued exploitation of minors.

The internet has unlimited capabilities. Heck, thanks to certain aspects of it, I am able to write this post through a quasi-internet email service (Corrlinks) and share it with my readers. When we go through and look at how this evolution has affected society, we only have to really go back just a few years.

It is getting to the point of the restrictions placed upon its use is so harmful, people no longer have a voice. In my home state of Arkansas, a bill has been filed in this legislative session that would require any internet capable device sold in the State of Arkansas to have adult content filters pre-installed. The only way this could be removed is to contact the manufacturer and pay a minimum $25 fee in addition to any additional fees that the manufacturer may charge. So to gain our first amendment right back, we now have to pay for it?

The Federal Communications Commission several years ago said that broadband internet was no longer a luxury, but considered it a utility. So by courts blocking or restricting access to this said utility, they were in fact singling out sex offenders. If a marijuana manufacturer was using grow lights to help with their pot plants, as a condition of their release, were they limited to use of power? Another example is a bank robber using a cell phone to communicate with a getaway driver. Does he lose access to being able to make a phone call upon his release, let alone even while in prison?

Unfortunately, changes in the federal government have changed their minds on classifying the internet as a utility and thus net neutrality no longer applies. While the claim is that it opens up more business to private companies, the fact it is taking away what is necessary to function in today’s society.

As mentioned in the list above, the internet has several issues as well that need to be addressed. Remember Operation Playpen? This is when the federal government seized control of a known child porn site and instead of shutting it down, continued to operate it for several months. But yet, the repeat viewing of these minors being harmed (which I am not saying did not happen) apparently is okay if the government keeps it running. As long as it’s them and not a private individual or business, everything is peachy keen.

We need the internet to survive in the 21st century. If you go one day and not access the internet in some form, you have discovered the meaning of life. Telemedicine? Well as a sex offender, you probably won’t be able to access it. Want to work? How many employers will allow monitoring software on their work computers? None!

The unnecessary restrictions placed upon us to simply “protect” the public is not what is necessary. It is the other side of the spectrum that needs to be examined in order to determine where the problem lies.


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