Is Porn Worse than Terrorism?

Editor’s Note: Make sure you check out Friday’s post as I speak one-on-one with a recently released sex offender from federal prison. In that article, Richard, will detail the struggles he’s had to deal with over the last 5-6 months, as well as putting to rest some of the rumors that many people assume. So don’t forget to share everything with your friends. Our Corrlinks address is at the bottom of this message, as is our website address. Continue reading “Is Porn Worse than Terrorism?”

Helping Our Veterans

Every year, sadly, thousands of veterans are placed through the criminal justice system. Most of their problems may not even be there own, but rather based on issued that stem from their service. I am going to take a break and go personal for a minute. I had a friend named Justin. When I was in elementary school, Justin was two years younger than me, but in my brother’s fourth grade class. He had moved off and when I was a senior in high school, he came back to my town and we actually became really good friends. Continue reading “Helping Our Veterans”

Redefining Childhood

Editor’s Note: In the past few weeks, news has surfaced of several incidents in which individuals have been arrested and charged with child pornography. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, the problem is, the defendants all had sexual relationships with the minors. Yet, in each of the cases, the minor had reached the age of consent according to that state’s laws, but because pictures were taken, it became a federal porn case. Continue reading “Redefining Childhood”

Why We Should Disclaim the #MeToo Movement

Editor’s Note: This article was written by my friend K.S. Again, all views and opinions expressed in it are his own and not necessarily that of #BackSoSoon. On a second note, this post deals with the #MeToo movement and the belief that now you are guilty until proven innocent. I (the editor) am a victim of sexual abuse since I have been in prison. It took nearly a year for anyone to listen to my claims and take them serious. It wasn’t until my U.S. Senator (former) got involved that the investigation began to get serious. I do believe that many people sadly have been victims as well, but as K.S. will note, that many more are also coming out of the woodwork screaming “Me Too!” in order to either gain momentum or just to vilify people they really don’t care for. Continue reading “Why We Should Disclaim the #MeToo Movement”

Conditions of Supervised Release (Part Three)

Editor’s Note. This is the last part of a three-part series looking at the various conditions of supervised release. Earlier it was pointed out that changes to the guidelines had made some effect on the conditions of supervised release. These changes were reviewed and from what the editor/author can tell, they were simply clarifying changes or wording changes, but nothing new. Continue reading “Conditions of Supervised Release (Part Three)”