Preparing for Re-Entry

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As most of us near the end of our sentence, we are all of a sudden bombarded with so many things we need. Obviously, the first thing we want to do when we get out is find a job so we can have some money. Well, there are a few problems with this. Without proper identification including a drivers license or state identification card, as well as a birth certificate and social security card, it is nearly impossible to accomplish this task. Continue reading “Preparing for Re-Entry”

Prison Education Programs

Every year, over 600,000 individuals are released from some form of incarceration. Whether it be prison or a local jail, that is a lot of people that are coming back onto the streets each and every year. One of the issues is the reason they keep returning is not necessarily because they are bad people, but rather because they have not developed the skills needed to function properly. This lack of skills is sometimes their own fault. Some just have an “I don`t care attitude,” while others were never taught anything. Continue reading “Prison Education Programs”

#BackSoSoon Now on Corrlinks!

For those of you with family members in federal prison, we now are available on Corrlinks. You can tell them to add the email address and we will be glad to add them to our newsletter.

It may take a few days for the request to be accepted, so be patient. We are still in the beginning phases of this, but hope to have everything up and running smoothly within the next few days.