Putting Together Your Release Preparation Folder

For every person that is being released back into the community, the B.O.P. likes for these individuals to have a release prep folder that they can take with them wherever … Read More

New Lawsuit Targets Missouri Sex Offender Registry

It was recently pointed out to me that a federal lawsuit has been filed in the Western District of Missouri arguing that the Missouri Sex Offender Registry constitutes cruel and … Read More

Steak and Shrimp and LOTS and LOTS of Lies

There have been talks since December 21st of last year regarding the government shutdown. Is it the fault of the President and his wall or Nancy and Chuck’s position on … Read More

PREA, First Step and Other News

We have a lot to talk about in this week’s newsletter. First off, as we mentioned last week, there was a case in Illinois in which an inmate at a … Read More