The Failure to Hold Judges to Account

In the November 2018 issue of Prison Legal News, an article on how the #MeToo movement has impacted federal judges, the sobering information that, for six of the past 11 years, not a single federal judge has been reprimanded came to light. Worse, the scarcity of even an investigation is breathtaking. In 2015, only four out of the 1,214 complaints made were given a serious inquiry. Likewise, in 2016, it was only four out of 1,303. Continue reading “The Failure to Hold Judges to Account”

Why We Should Disclaim the #MeToo Movement

Editor’s Note: This article was written by my friend K.S. Again, all views and opinions expressed in it are his own and not necessarily that of #BackSoSoon. On a second note, this post deals with the #MeToo movement and the belief that now you are guilty until proven innocent. I (the editor) am a victim of sexual abuse since I have been in prison. It took nearly a year for anyone to listen to my claims and take them serious. It wasn’t until my U.S. Senator (former) got involved that the investigation began to get serious. I do believe that many people sadly have been victims as well, but as K.S. will note, that many more are also coming out of the woodwork screaming “Me Too!” in order to either gain momentum or just to vilify people they really don’t care for. Continue reading “Why We Should Disclaim the #MeToo Movement”