Welcome to #BackSoSoon!

I`d like to welcome everyone to my new blog title #backSoSOON. So what is this blog about and why such a strange name? Well, let me begin with the acronym SOSOON. This stands for “Sex Offender Strategies, Opportunities and Occupational Network.”

There are quite a few resources out there that deal with prisoners and reentry, but very few have a specific focus on sex offenders. They are one of the most disliked groups of people in prison and on the streets. Yet, they too will one day be released back to the streets. I am hoping this blog will provide them, along with their friends and family members, potential employers and others with tips and information that they will be able to use to lead a successful and law-abiding life upon their release.

The hashtag #BackSoSOON is a pun. When most prisoners, particularly sex offenders are released, they will struggle to find employment and housing and get back to the way things were before their lives were changed. This hash tag is intended as a question for everyone to ask, “Back so soon?” meaning they were not expecting to see a sex offender reintegrate back into society so quickly.

Every week, I will try to post a new blog dealing with various topics. Some of these topics include terms and conditions of supervised release, what are the registration requirements, a detailed look at SORNA (Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act), as well as employment tips and more.

While this blog is designed for sex offenders, many of the tips and pieces of advice can be used by any person who is nearing their release from prison. My goal is to make sure that we are all successful upon release.

New blogs will be posted every Friday around noon, unless there are unforseen circumstances. In addition, on Tuesdays, I will be posting legal updates on potential cases that deal with sex offenders and sex offenses (hopefully). Not all these cases will be favorable, however, they are cases that I feel have a potential to be beneficial possibly in the future.

In closing, I would like to thank the many people who helped make this all possible. First off, I`d like to thank my mother. Without her, none of this would have been possible. She has stuck by my side for the nearly ten years I have been incarcerated and I cannot find one person who has been more supportive. This is even despite the fact that I drive her crazy from time to time with a long list of needs and demands on a daily basis.

Second, I`d like to thank my friend, Greg. I actually met Greg several years ago through a pen pal website. It was a new experience for him not only communicating with a prisoner, but a sex offender also. Yet, over the years, we have become good friends. He is the “tech support” that helps me keep everything going.

Lastly, I`d like to thank Mark Allenbaugh of SentencingStats.com. Mark offers a service where you can gather various data from the U.S. Sentencing Commission and put it together in various formats: reports, graphs, charts, and so forth.

Mark and I spoke several months ago about his services and I told him I would share his information with everybody that I could. It was this suggestion that gave me the idea to start this blog.

I am just shy of two and a half years until my release. As I get closer, this blog will turn into a full website that will showcase my skills, talents, accomploshments, employment history and more. I hope this will also help give others idease to present as they near their release as well.

I hope to eventually share these posts with readers on Corrlinks as well and as soon as all the details are worked out, we will definitely do this. However, I ask that you copy and paste or print any of our blogs for your loved ones and friends in prison.

Thanks again to everyone who is reading this and I ask that you please subscribe and tell all of your friends about it, as I strive to make this one of the most successful prisoner/reentry blogs there is.

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